Our Goals

Tania  Rihani


Career Coach

CNM, Job Connection Services

Our Board

Jenna Crabb, PhD, LPC, NCC


Director, Career Services

The University of New Mexico

This could be YOU! 

We need a President Elect! 

"Passion is the difference between having a job or having a career."


Employers and Career Educators connect to help New Mexico's graduates find their passion in their careers. 

  • Pursue collaborative efforts to promote career awareness
  • Promote experienced-based learning
  • Assist employers in attracting, identifying and hiring qualified candidates
  • Support efforts to develop a highly qualified and motivated workforce
  • Serve as a resource for members and potential members through networking, consultation, research and training
  • Facilitate professional growth of the membership
  • Maintain liaison efforts with other professional associations for advocacy and professional development opportunities

Our Vision

Sarah Clawson


Career Services Manager